About Me

Just a bit of history

It all started with a birth, some stuff happened, things were learnt, exams were sat and the rest, as they say, is history.

My name is Ben Theobald-Morgan, and I'm a graphic designer based in the south of England. I work in all areas of graphic design across both print and digital media.

I love to work with passionate people who love what they do and the services/products they offer. This makes the world of design something I find hugely inspiring and it influences the majority of my life. The thought of taking a simple message and being able to convey it in ways that others only dream of is exciting and is why I love what I do!

Working with many clients has helped me to build up an understanding of the perfect way of getting the most out of each and every project I do. This website is a sneak peak into the work I have done and hopefully sparks you to ask the question; "what will he do next?!"

Here's something you may not have guessed about me, but I also collect, buy and sell vintage toys with a close friend of mine under the name Bugsy's Toybox. This is a huge influence into my creative drive. Vintage packaging and figure art inspires me in many way and has given me a creative outlet in my character mashups! You can see a few of them in the ol' portfolio and keep coming and checking back as I'm always working on more! I even made my groomsmen at my wedding custom action figures of them mashed up with the four turtles!

If you have any questions, queries or just fancy a chat over a hot brew, please don't hesitate to get in touch using one of the many social media links across the site. Or, if you fancy going slightly more old school, drop me an email on bentheobaldmorgan@googlemail.com